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Please Join Us in Giving Back To The Community This Holiday Season

Chamberlain Orthodontics GIVING TREE

This is one of our most favorite time of the year- the annual Chamberlain Orthodontics GIVING TREE. This great tradition helps us in providing families within our community in need with Christmas smiles.

 This year we are working with House of Refuge in the East Valley. House of Refuge provides safe, stable housing to families who are experiencing homelessness.  Their staff works with families on regaining dignity, finding employment, and ultimately obtaining permanent housing. House of Refuge is situated on nearly 20 acres.

 Their drug and alcohol free work program offers 82 two-bedroom single family homes and a chapel/support center which allows them to provide a stable, family-friendly environment to program participants. On any given day approximately 100 adults and 150 children call House of Refuge “home.” Many come from a history of domestic violence and children often are the innocent victims. They believe, a safe home and community is vital.

With your help we have the ability to bring smiles to some families in need at House Of Refuge. 

Our Giving Tree is adorned with beautiful ornaments by local vendors for boys and girls aged 0 thru 15+ . So when are you are running around town, please stop by one of the Chamberlain Orthodontic offices, pick out an ornament or two, and help make a family’s season brighter. The ornaments will be on our tree until Dec 15th, although we hope that the tree will be bare long before that time. Simply pick out an ornament from the tree, shop for the gift and the return the gift to our office by Dec 15th. (The Gifts DO NOT need to be wrapped). The ornaments you pick off the Chamberlain Tree are our gift to you to hang on your tree at home. House of Refuge has provided some age appropriate gift suggestions.

“Whatever you want in life, I have found the best way to get it is to focus your energy on giving it to others. Jump in with both feet on your giving and gratitude.” Said Dr. Thomas Chamberlain. “I know that as you make giving your focus, you will change the world around you by changing what’s inside you.”  We are so excited to be helping families of the House of Refuge this year. 

Please Click House Of Refuge to learn more about them.

Chamberlain Orthodontics GIVING TREE
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