Insignia Custom Braces

Insignia Braces

100% Customized Brackets and Wires

Customization should never be compromised, right? Think about it, when you visit the eye doctor, you receive glasses prescribed just for you and your unique eyesight. You would never expect to receive one-size-fits-all glasses. Your orthodontic treatment should be no different! With Insignia™ you receive state-of-the-art treatment that’s completely customized for your smile.

The Most Advanced Technology

Insignia’s advanced software allows your doctor to visualize and design a treatment plan tailored to your unique smile. As a result, you get 100% customized brackets and wires to fit your teeth and only your teeth. Unlike traditional braces on the market which are typically manufactured to fit all teeth, Insignia is as unique as you are. Each bracket prescription is precisely calculated to achieve the results designed by your orthodontist, resulting in fewer office visits, shorter office visits and faster treatment time.

  • Start with the end in mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to see what your finished smile looks like before you even begin treatment? With Insignia, that’s possible. Insignia designers and your doctor review the 3D software representation of your current teeth, and then take into account your facial features and treatment goals to design the ideal final smile, allowing you to visualize the finished result before you even get bonded with braces.
  • Precise, predictable results. The personalized treatment plan developed by our team delivers fast, accurate and predictable results.
  • Fewer appointments, faster treatment. Given the unmatched customization that Insignia provides, the need for adjustments can be minimized and office visits can be shorter, while still allowing you to finish treatment more quickly.
What to Expect On Your First Visit