Invisalign Teen®

What Is It?

Invisalign Teen® is designed to help teenagers maintain their self-esteem and self-confidence and accommodate their active lifestyles while they address their orthodontic needs. Developed in collaboration with leading orthodontists who understand the treatment demands of teenagers, Invisalign Teen® combines the benefits of the Invisalign system with new features, such as a Blue Dot Wear Indicator that fades when the aligner becomes worn and is ready to be changed; Eruption Tabs to accommodate the growth of second molars; and other features to address clinical needs common to teens.

Why Would I Want It?

During Invisalign Teen® treatment, teenagers can keep up their active lifestyle, play sports and smile during social activities. Traditional braces often carry a stigma of being unattractive and noticeable, leaving teens feeling self-conscious and afraid to smile.

What’s more, traditional wire and bracket braces present challenges for proper brushing and flossing, contributing to food and plaque build-up in the mouth. Because Invisalign Teen® aligners are easy to remove, they promote better oral hygiene, as well as a pain-free experience with less irritation to the gums and mouth. Whereas traditional braces also can require emergency visits to the dentist to fix a broken bracket, Invisalign Teen® provides six extra replacement aligners in case others are lost or misplaced. Appointment times are also shorter than regular wire braces.

Call Chamberlain-Young Orthodontics in two convenient Chandler, Arizona locations to schedule your Complimentary Exam and Consultation to find out more about Invisalign Teen®. We can determine if your Teen is a candidate for Invisalign, explain the process of getting Invisalign so that you know what to expect, and provide detail treatment planning outlining the results and goals of orthodontic treatment.
What to Expect On Your First Visit