Meet Dr. Young & Dr. Chamberlain

Dr. Aubrey Young, Orthodontist Chandler AZ Dr. Aubrey Young

Dr. Aubrey Young is passionate about orthodontics and helping people feel confident about their smiles and overall health. She has affectionately been caring for patients at Chamberlain Orthodontics for the last 3 years and has been caring for patients in the field of dentistry for over two decades. Her journey in dentistry began in Utah where she received a Dental Assistant Certificate. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Weber State University after which she practiced as a dental hygienist for 10 years. Finally pursuing her dream of being an orthodontist, Dr. Young went on to study dentistry at UNLV and graduated with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine with the honor of being named Valedictorian of her dental school class. She attended UNLV Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics for 30 months of specialty training in Orthodontics, and received her Masters of Oral Biology defending her thesis in the field of stem cell research.

Dr. Young feels abundant gratitude for her opportunity to be educated in the dental profession. Volunteering in various non-profit clinics for the underprivileged and teaching as a dental health educator has always been a passion for her. She looks forward to many years of sharing her knowledge and skills and giving back to the beautiful community of Chandler.

At Chamberlain Orthodontics, Dr. Young focuses on detail oriented, facial driven treatment planning and is devoted to achieving beautiful treatment outcomes that are a balance of esthetics and function. She has a vision of creating timeless relationships with other dental care professionals in the community while working together to provide comprehensive dental care to our mutual patients.

Dr. Young embraces life with the same enthusiasm as she embraces the field of dentistry. She is a mother of two sons ages 16 and 14, and a yorkshire terrier age 6. Her interests include reading, biking, skateboarding, skiing, hiking, swimming, traveling, and going to museums and the theater. Above all, she cherishes her time with family and friends and describes this as the heart of life. Dr. Young is thrilled to join Dr. Chamberlain as partner at Chamberlain-Young Orthodontics and is beyond excited about being able to spend more time serving our patients and our community.

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Orthodontist Chandler AZ Dr. Tom Chamberlain

I was born in Reno, NV, and moved to Provo, UT, when I was a teenager. I graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a BS in Psychology and a minor in musical theater. I loved my college experience in Utah.

I took some time during my studies to travel to Eastern Europe and Russia as well as much of the United States in a performing group. I met my wife (Tamara Marshall) in college. She is from Merced, CA. We soon moved to Portland, OR where I attended Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Dental School. Although dental school was challenging, I truly enjoyed my time in Portland and I made great and lasting relationships. My wife and I decided to settle in Arizona due to its warm climate, outdoor opportunities and proximity to family. We have loved our last few years here in the valley. We have four children, Kohler, Kelsey, Spencer and Hailey. In my free time I enjoy playing with my kids and coaching their soccer teams. I also continue to have a love for music and the arts.

My wife is a fantastic pianist and we perform periodically around the valley. Another of my favorite pastimes is snow skiing. I love to get up to the mountains in Utah and glide through the powder.

I was introduced to orthodontics during my dental school tenure. I had a friend in our apartment who was a resident in the orthodontic program at OHSU and he invited me to observe in the clinic when I was a sophomore. It was there that I felt I had found what I wanted to do with my career. I have loved working with both kids and adults in helping them improve their smiles. That is my primary reason for being in this wonderful profession: to be able to associate with so many extraordinary people.

They say orthodontics is a thinking person’s profession. I tend to agree. At work I begin with meeting the patient and assessing their orthodontics condition. I diagnose their case and provide a treatment plan to correct what’s wrong. During the treatment I see each patient and confirm that the case is progressing and make any necessary adjustments to help it move along as quickly as possible. It’s quite fulfilling to plan out a treatment and see it come to fruition. I’ll be one of the first people you meet during your treatment. You’ll see me at almost every appointment.