Treatment Process

Your First Consultation

Your first visit will be a great time to get to know Dr. Chamberlain or Dr. Young and their friendly staff! Our Treatment Coordinator will meet with you in the exam room where the doctor will complete a thorough diagnosis and discuss your treatment options. We will provide you with the financial options and insurance benefits custom made for your specific treatment recommended by Dr. Chamberlain or Dr. Young.  Don’t worry if all of your questions are answered at this visit! 

Diagnostic Records

If the timing is right, and then you will have an opportunity to start treatment right away by having diagnostic records taken. Records typically include impressions of your teeth, photos, x-rays. After these records are complete, you are ready to get started!

Placing Your New Braces or Appliance

We call this visit your "bonding" appointment. During this visit you’ll get to meet our amazing assistants who will be with you through every step! We even have a special place for parents to come back and take photos or just observe the exciting process! This may be your longest appointment which can be about 40-60 minutes. To better accommodate your schedule, please plan this appointments between the hours of 8am – 11am.

Adjustment Appointments

Your next appointments are called “adjustments” scheduled every 4–8 weeks until the completion of your treatment. Certain appliances sometimes require a different schedule but we’ll always make sure it’s simple and easy for you to schedule. If anything else comes up be sure to call us!

Progress Records

We evaluate your progress during treatment by taking an updated x-ray and photos to ensure everything is working perfectly. Your dentist will also get an update from us every 6 months on how you’re progressing so be sure to keep that brushing top notch!


Congratulations! This is what you’ve been waiting for and all of your hard work has paid off! Now we get to remove your braces or orthodontic appliances which means you've successfully completed this phase of your orthodontic treatment. We will take final records of your mouth and teeth, including impressions that will be used to make your retainers.


Dr. Chamberlain always says "This is the one part of you that will stay the same throughout your lifetime – just by wearing your retainers!" Your retainers support the teeth in the corrected positions and guide them as they settle into a functional bite. We recommend that your retainers are worn full time for 3 months and then nightly for a lifetime. We will continue to monitor your retention for 1 year following the removal of your braces or Invisalign. You’ll be missed but we’ll be happy just knowing that you’re showing off your beautiful smile!

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What to Expect On Your First Visit