Dr. Young prides herself on treating her patients like they are her own family. She believes that every patient deserves the best possible level of care and that details and patient satisfaction should not be compromised. She does not operate like many orthodontic offices that see many patients a day. She believes in quality over quantity and strives to deliver that to every patient she sees. Dr. Young believes in educating her patients on all possible outcomes and options throughout their orthodontic journey. Although it is her dream to provide all of her patients with a “Young Smile” with the most beautiful aesthetic finish, she also understands that everyone has different goals. She is willing to work with each of her patients to achieve the best course of treatment that is specific to their desires and needs. She believes in operating her practice from her own core values; Love, Communication, Service, Passion, Integrity, Learning, Gratitude, and Hunger. It is these values that she implements daily with her staff, patients, and in the community. After all, she is forever grateful to her patients, her staff, and the community for making her dream of being an orthodontist possible each and every day.

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