Love is in the air this month!

There’s no better way to share the love than with your smile.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”- William Arthur Ward

Universally, smiling is the way we show each other joy. There’s no better way to show love than with your smile. Young Orthodontics is celebrating the love that our smiles bring into the world and a few interesting things about smiles.

Want to relieve a little stress? Smiling can actually change your mood. When you smile, your body can release endorphins which help you feel better.

Science has found that smiling can boost your immune system and improve your overall health. Smile more this month and help your body fight off illness.

“If you have only one smile, give it to the people you love.”- Maya Angelou

More attractive than cosmetics? A study in 2017 found that people look healthier and even more attractive when they smile, even more than wearing makeup or being a healthy weight.

When remembering a smile, we smile. Smiles are one of the top facial expressions. Flash your beautiful smile and brighten someone day and memory of you.

“Smile, it’s the key that fits the lock to everybody’s heart.”- Anthony J.D’Angelo

We’ve all heard the saying that smiles are contagious. It turns out its true. When you smile, it makes it harder for people looking at you to frown. Share that love through a smile this month of love!

Dr. Young and her team have found such joy is creating amazing smiles. If you would like to improve your smile that you share with the world, we offer complimentary consultations. We have two convenient Chandler locations to serve the East Valley.

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